The Art and Importance of Costume: Creating an Alternate Universe on Your Body
Friday, January 5th - 6pm to 7:30pm

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Erin Brayton is a seamstress, designer, and owner of Edesigns Activewear. She has a degree in apparel and textile design from Michigan State University and has created many custom costumes for Aviary staff and students. She rock climbs, does aerial silks and occasionally attempts contortion, in between attempting to mold her two sons into decent human beings.


This 90 minute workshop will discuss the different aspects one should consider in creating a character for a performance, how those aspects will affect your costume, and how to use those things to convey a message to your audience. We will talk about color and fabric choices and how they impact the perception of your character, how to attractively combine colors and prints, and ways that your environment can help or hinder the success of your costume. We will also discuss ways to successfully communicate design ideas to an outside seamstress, or to render them to be certain you’re happy with the look. There will be opportunities for students to practice some of these skills during the lecture.