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Doubles Pole Dance

4 Week Workshop
Mondays: 2/4-2/25/18
$95 per student for full course
$25 for a single class
(Aerial/pole credits can be used to sign up for this workshop)

In this 4-week series, taught by our resident pole instructor Amy, you will dive headlong into the world of doubles pole dancing! You will have the opportunity to master weight bearing and non-weight bearing partners skills, all while learning a long sequence and developing your creative chops. What better way to build a new friendship at the Aviary than to get up close and personal with someone! ;) You do not need to come to class already paired up - we will assign pairs in class each week. Please wear warm layers, including a base layer that leaves your thighs exposed (i.e. short shorts). And please avoid the use of lotion or wearing any jewelry to class.


  • Cross Ankle Sit

  • Basic climb and/or forearm climb

  • Some confidence with being inverted: handstand, forearm stand, or headstand

  • Any of: front hook spin, back hook spin, stag spin with any grip

  • Bonus: flatline cross-ankle sit, strong outside knee hang

Meet your instructor!

Amy Cadwallader has been fascinated with pole dance and other forms of movement since middle school, but it wasn't until college that she was able to truly pursue dancing, creating, and performing. A few short years after earning a Modern Dance minor along with her B.S. degree at Purdue University in 2010, Amy entered graduate school at the University of Michigan to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Dance. Her research investigated pole dancing in three parts - Teaching, Choreography, and History/Context. These studies also allowed Amy to perform pole and other dance forms in Indiana, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. Amy is excited to apply her teaching methodologies to (and answer any burning questions in) pole workshops in the Ann Arbor area.