Registration for the Jan/Feb session is NOW OPEN!

Static Trapeze 2

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Saturdays 2:15pm to 3:15pm with Katie Livingston

This class will expand upon the skills learned in Static Trapeze 1 and is designed for advanced beginners to work on technique and form through static poses and more dynamic moves. Students will work at their own pace to string together tricks and build a routine, and all students registered for the full seven week session are invited to perform at LIFT OFF.

  • PREREQS: To register for Static Trapeze 2, students must complete one or more full sessions of Static Trapeze 1 (or have received similar training in another facility) and have mastered the following:

    • Swing beats
    • Swing beats to pike up
    • Tuck & straddle inversions
    • Knee beats
    • Clean & controlled mount, come to sit, come to stand, and dismount
    • Come to a ball on the ropes
    • Front body balance
    • Demonstrated ability/willingness to listen to and follow instructor direction
  • Experienced aerialists are welcome to make single visit reservations, provided they have been enrolled in Trap 2 at A2A or another aerial training facility within the past six months. Transfer students who wish to take a single class or enroll in a level 2 or higher class must email with their home studio contact information. When in doubt, ask!
  • Please wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing that  allows freedom of movement and covers backs of the knees, underarms, and waist when hands are extended above the head.
  • Men will want to wear briefs instead of boxers and dance belts are encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Bare feet – please make sure they are clean and fresh.
  • Long hair tied back.
  • No rings, dangling necklaces, or earrings.
  • No hand lotion (it will interfere with your grip), and please no heavy fragrances, natural or otherwise.
  • Students will be most comfortable practicing on an empty stomach, a two hour window between your last meal and class is recommended.
  • All A2A classes are adult (18+) only.
  • Students may make up one missed class per session in any Aerial Level 2 or lower class, provided they give the Aviary 24 hours or more of notice prior to the missed class.
  • Single class reservations are only available on & after the start date of the current series.
$150 for a seven week session
$25 for single class


A2 Aviary Cancellation Policy


Seven week class sessions

We work hard to keep our class size small, for safety and for the highest quality experience for our students. With the limited amount of spots available in each class, we are not able to offer refunds at any time. All seven week class series sales are final and we will not pro-rate, reimburse, or credit your account once the session has begun.

Missed class in a session

Students may make up one and only one missed class per session, provided they give the Aviary 24 hours or more of notice prior to the missed class. We will not pro-rate, reimburse, or credit your account for no call/no shows or more than one missed class. The class must be made up before the end of the seven week session in one of the other available classes in that category (aerial, balance & dance, or conditioning). Level 2 and 3 classes may be made up in the class level you are attending or lower. Please notify the front desk upon arrival when you are attending a make-up class.

Missed single class

It is your responsibility to attend the single reservation class(es) you have registered for and cancel the ones you will not attend. If you are going to miss a class, please cancel your reservation in MindBody at least 24 hours before the start time of class. We will not pro-rate, reimburse, or credit your account for no call/no shows. All classes canceled with 24 hours or more of notice will be fully credited to your account.