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Ballet 1

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Wednesdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm
with Anna McGarry1

Are you a budding aerialist? Or an aspiring burlesque dancer? Perhaps you have heard phrases bandied about such as, “Point your feet.”, “Put energy in your arms.”, or “Straighten those legs for a long line.” If so, than Ballet Conditioning is for you! Strengthening feet, cultivating grace, and improving balance are just some of the aspects that will be explored in this class. There will be a ballet barre followed by easy center work. This class is geared towards the beginner, but any level is welcome.

  • Please wear close fitting and comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement.
  • Ballet flats are not required but please bring socks if you will not be wearing them.
  • Hair pulled up and off the neck.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • This is a mature teen (16+) and adult class.
  • Students may make up one missed class per session in any conditioning class, provided they give the Aviary 24 hours of more of notice prior to the missed class.
  • Single class reservations are only available on & after the start date of the current series.
$75 for seven week series
$12 for single class drop-in
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