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Dance & Clowning with Poppet 7/7

Street Dance for Beginners
Sunday 7/7

Have you watched the poppers, lockers, breakers, b-bois, animators, and all the other fantastic street dance styles on SYTYCD or ABDC and wondered what it would be like to move like that? This is the the intro workshop for you! Poppet will show you the fundamentals of street dance, specifically Tutting and Waving. Tutting is the art of creating shapes and angles with your body to the rhythm of music, waving is a fluid dance style also known as liquid. Students will learn the foundation, creating sharp angles in time with music, as well as the building blocks of waving and rolling their bodies in a fluid manner. Join us for an exploration of movement and a ton of fun!

PREREQ: All experience levels welcome!

Clowning for Beginners
Sunday 7/7

Come practice the art of improv and story telling! Clowns have a rich history of taking life and turning every situation, no matter how dire, into a comedy. In This workshop you will learn a brief history of clowning, practice some clowning improvisation techniques and hey! What's the difference between clowns and mimes anyway?! Come find out!

PREREQ: All experience levels welcome!

Meet your instructor!

Poppet's story begins many years ago, the year is 1990 and while there are no heralding trumpets, she is born to her parents early in the morning kicking and screaming. Nothing monumental during that time. Fast forward five years and she is a starry-eyed child, watching her father get ready: white face, small black lines under his eyes, white gloves and a black beret. They play and practice together, coming up with little bits to do together. Fast forward 10 years and Poppet is recovering from two reconstructive knee surgeries. She has to give up sports and martial arts. It is during this time that she rediscovers her passion for performing arts. 10 more years go by and Poppet teaches and performs regularly as a living statue, clown/mime, street performer, dancer/choreographer, contortionist, and more! She strives to bring the magic and fire that she had experienced from her father so many years ago. Poppet engages and brings her audience into her little world of magic, making connections and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

$25 per student or $45 for both workshops
All attendees must be signed up before arriving to the studio