What Do I Need to Know About The Aviary?

WE LOVE CIRCUS AND WE CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY WITH YOU! We work hard to create and continue a supportive, safe, and welcoming culture for all and, as a new member of our community, we ask that you be able to agree to the following:

  • I will listen to my body, celebrating its accomplishments and respecting its limitations

  • I will respect my instructors and fellow students

  • I will adhere to the rules and policies of The Aviary, as they are in place for the safety of both myself and the studio


Do I Need Upper Body Strength to Take Class?

Nope, that's what classes are for! Our intro classes are geared towards absolute newbies and are designed to build strength, flexibility, and confidence. You don't need to be able to do a pull up to begin aerial training.

Is There a Minimum Fitness Level Required?

All levels and all body types are welcome! Persons with very limited mobility may find the pace of group classes too challenging and may prefer one on one training. It is recommended that everyone check with their physician before beginning a new exercise program, but students with the following conditions must consult their doctor before participating in aerial acrobatics: pregnancy, glaucoma, recent surgery (exp. shoulder, eyes, back, hip, band, or wrist), heart disease, very high or low blood pressure, vertigo, osteoporosis/bone weakness, head injury, cerebral sclerosis, fainting/vasovagal syncope, carpal tunnel, severe arthritis, sinusitis or head cold, hiatal hernia, disc herniation or degenerative disc disease, recent stroke, artificial joins, radiculitis, sciatica, severe muscle spasms.

What Level Class Should I Take?

If this is your first foray in the aerial arts, welcome! You should sign up for an intro or beginning level class, regardless of your physical condition and/or previous non-aerial experience. Students will stay in beginner level classes until they have mastered the skills necessary to participate in a continuing level class. This process is individualized and may require many classes in the same level before you are physically and mentally ready to level up. We recommend taking conditioning classes to accelerate your progress and checking in with your instructor to determine when you will be ready to move up to the next class level. If you have previous aerial experience, please review the class prerequisites to determine which class is appropriate for your skill level.

When Does the Next Session Start? Can I Try a Single Class?

All Intro and Beginning level classes are available for single class registration and are continuously running. Please register for all classes you wish to attend; popular classes/workshops tend to sell out quickly, while those with less than three students registered may be cancelled. You will receive an email 24 hours or more before the start time of class, or a phone call if there is a last minute cancelation due to weather, illness, etc. Please click "Sign Up" at the top of this page to see our class schedule!

What If the Class I Want to Take is Sold Out?

If your desired class is full, you can always join the wait list by clicking “sign up now” from our class schedule. When a spot becomes available, you will receive an email and will be automatically added to the class. You will need to confirm your reservation using our online scheduler or respond to the email confirmation. If you are on the wait list and are no longer able to attend class, please cancel the reservation to allow another client to move up on the waitlist or register for the class.

How Much Does It Cost?

Please see our Class Pricing page.

Do I Have To Register for Class?

All student must register in our online scheduling system, just click "Sign Up" at the top of this page! It is strongly preferred that students register for all classes they wish to take before arriving to the studio, as we do not have support staff or a cash register onsite. Drop-in students will join class on a first-come, first-served basis (as capacity allows). Drop-in rates are $5 more than pre-registered prices. Please do not make dropping in for class a habit. Our online scheduler is there to make your life easy!

What Should I Expect When I Arrive for Class?

Please see our Class Policies page.

What Should I Wear?

For Aerial and Pole Classes:
Please wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement and covers backs of the knees, underarms, and waist when hands are extended above the head. It is strongly recommended that persons with external genitalia wear briefs, not boxers. Bring a water bottle, you will need it! Bare feet – please make sure they are clean and fresh. Long hair tied back. No jewelry, rivets, zippers, or anything else which could catch on or damage the apparatus. No hand lotion (it will interfere with your grip), and please no heavy fragrances, natural or otherwise. Students will be most comfortable practicing on an empty stomach, a light meal or a two hour window between your last meal and class is recommended.
For Balance, Dance, and Conditioning Classes:
Please wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement, remove jewelry, and tie back hair. Please bring a water bottle, you will need it! Bare feet – please make sure they are clean and fresh. No hand lotion (it will interfere with your grip), or heavy fragrances, natural or otherwise.

How Do I Sign Up for Open Gym/Play Flight?

Please see Play Flight/Open Gym

May I Bring a Guest or My Child to Class?

Guests may observe up to 10 minutes of any class, but must pay the class registration fee to observe for a longer period of time. Please do not bring children to adult classes. No one under 18 may participate in adult classes and The Aviary does not have childcare on site. Children may observe up to ten minutes of any class in the studio and all of class from the hallway, as long as they are accompanied by an adult who is not participating in class. Children may not wait unaccompanied in the hall.

May I Take Photos/Videos in Class?

The Aviary does not allow students or observers to record video or take pictures during class unless permission has been expressly granted by the instructor. The taking of videos/pictures during class is entirely up to the instructor’s discretion. Aviary staff may record video and take photos during class. We will not email these recordings or photos to individual students; they will be posted to our social media for you to copy/download. It is our policy to never tag students in these photos, in case you want to keep your circus secret, but we strongly encourage you to tag yourself and show your friends and family all the amazing stuff you can do!

Do You Offer Children's Classes?

Yes, we do! Please see our Youth Classes page for more details.

May I Observe My Child's Class?

Parents/guardians are welcome to observe the entirety of their children’s classes from the hallway, but if the parent becomes a distraction or cannot follow the teacher and/or staff’s instructions, both the parent and the child may be dismissed from class. Parents may join us inside the studio for the last 5 minutes of class or when invited by the instructor.

Can My Child Attend Adult Classes?

Only those 18+ may register for adult classes, regardless of their physical condition and/or previous experience. We believe that deep play is an essential part of happiness and health, one which is often left behind as we age. As there are many opportunities for young people to be challenged and supported in a playful, creative, and physically active environment, we ask that you respect our studio policy and our mission to provide adult only spaces for play. Please do not ask us to make an exception for your child.

What If I Have to Miss a Class?

Please cancel your reservation online by signing into your Aviary MindBody account, going to the "My Schedule" section of your profile, and clicking "cancel" next to the class you will not be able to attend. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more details. **After 3/1/18, please click "Sign Up" at the top of this page, go to "My Schedule", and cancel your reservation.