• $10 for a single class

  • $35 for a five class package

Fusion Dance

Fusion has the flexibility of taking elements of a large number of dances and allowing us the creative freedom to mix them together. Even better, it can be danced to an immense variety of music. It's a great dance for the life of the party or a romantic night out. Check out this video for an example of what we might be learning!  

Blues Dance

Blues dancing can be any of a number of dances danced to blues music. It includes Jukin, Drag, Ballroomin and many others. It's all about learning how to be an individual and fun partner dancing within a structure that allows for fancy partner moves, dips and grooves. Check out this video for an example of what we might be learning! 

PREREQ: This class is for adults (18+) only, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian