Balance & Dance Classes

  • All classes in this section are for adults (18+), please see "Youth Classes" for everyone under 18.

  • $15 for a single single class  

  • $20 for a same day drop-in class

  • $90 for a seven class package

Acro Balance: Essentials of Acro

This is an all-level class for everyone interested in learning more about Partner Acrobatics and Partner Balancing. In Acro, we play with good alignment and momentum to let the “base” balance and move a partner (flyer). There will be material appropriate to all comfort levels, with new students learning basic poses and flows while experienced students build to more challenging poses and transitions. You do not need to bring a partner or any previous experience to enjoy it!

We will begin with warm-up exercises and progress through fundamental poses that are just begging to be linked together in interesting ways! It’s a fun, low-stress, and safe environment to improve fitness, balance, and communication

Hand Balance 

Would you like to turn the world upside down while remaining on the ground? Or perhaps you have some handstand experience but want to learn new tips and tricks? This class works with all level students on building the courage and strategies for inversions on the hands, head, and arms. We will focus on alignment, flexibility, and strength, as well as covering spotting, falling, breath, and subtle adjustment. Returning students will be working on progressively more challenging poses and transitions. Each class includes 15-20 minutes of warm-up and stretching, followed by demonstration of handstand tips and tricks, and practice with spotters. Please bring your own yoga mat, if possible.

PREREQ: students must be able to reach overhead and perform beginning inversions like downward facing dog


Have you ever wanted to shimmy like a mermaid or prance like a unicorn? Or perhaps you’d like to build your confidence and develop your stage presence? Luna will teach you how, and so much more in this intro to burlesque technique and group choreography class! Dance for fun, dance for exercise. This class will include a jazz-based warmup to get your body ready to move and exercises to teach you the theory and technique of burlesque. We will then work on choreographed routines to build confidence and style for stage and for life! 

Single visit reservations are welcome whenever space is available. All students who attend class every week will be working on a group routine and will have the opportunity to perform at LIFT OFF, which is held at the end of each course