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Sarah Dawn of Such Great Heights 8/4/18

Saturday, August 4th
$45 per student
$85 for both workshops

Just Beat It - Beats and Pathways for Fabric & Corde Lisse
3:45- 5:15pm

Momentum-based movements are a fundamental aspect of corde lisse training and performance, and the groundwork for these movements are beats. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of different beats and examine technique to execute them with efficiency and ease. We will also learn where these beats can take us, looking at pathways to other movement.

Prereqs: The ideal attendee has a grasp of bell beats and straddle climbs and is comfortable with multiple inversions (straight arm is NOT necessary), either on rope or fabric, and the ability to hold 30 second hollow body in the air (dead hang).

Free Fallin’ - Open Drops on Fabric and Corde Lisse

Open drops are thrilling to both execute and to watch, but can be intimidating to learn. Fear no more! This class is a great introduction for those participants wanting to start their journey into open drops. We will learn about the physical prerequisites necessary to safely execute these drops, conditioning exercises to help train them, and the movement theory involved in their proper execution.

Prereqs: Though no prior rope experience is required, attendees should have a solid grasp of vocabulary on vertical apparatus, including single and double star, and be comfortable inverting multiple times and being in the air for several minutes.