Aerial Workshops

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  • All Aviary workshops are adult (18+) only unless otherwise noted.

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Registering multiple students?

All students must have their own separate account in our scheduling system - all accounts must be created and the included waiver signed by the participating student (or their parent or legal guardian if under 18). We can link family and friend accounts so that you only have to remember one password, can share credits, and sign everyone up for class from one account. Please contact us (once all accounts have been created) to be linked! 

Up, Down, and All Around - 4 Week Lyra Intensive

Fridays — 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, and 3/8
7:00pm - 8:30pm
$160 per student
$45 per single workshop (this option will become available 1/28/18)

In this 4-week series, we’ll cover material addressing inversions/mounts, use of momentum and spins, grip switches to open new pathways, and (my favorite) how to use your LEGS and give those arms a break to move through the air! We’ll also play some improv games to stylize sequences we cover.

PREREQ: All levels welcome if student can perform these skills without a spot

  • Straddle invert

  • Pullover (dolphin up)

  • Double knee hang.

Meet your instructor!
Sara began aerial arts training in 2011 and became an instructor at Detroit Flyhouse Circus School in 2014. She teaches choreography classes on lyra, silks, and hammock and loves working with students to develop routines. Her favorite teaching method is guided improvisation which allows each student to utilize their unique strengths and specialties to develop a vocabulary and style all their own.

Swinging on a Cloud with Violet Defiant - TBD

Friday, September 7th
6:45pm- 8:45pm
$60 per student

Static cloud is a rope or silk hung in a loop, with the rigging points set much wider than that of the hammock/sling. The cloud swing combines skills from static trapeze and hammock, also inviting you to explore movements unique to this apparatus, like side-to-side swinging and spinning around the ropes. Because of the way clouds move, this is an intermediate level workshop. Please wear long, thick leggings, a long sleeved shirt that tucks in, and socks or trapeze boots to protect your skin.

PREREQ: Please wear long, thick leggings, a long sleeved shirt that tucks in, and socks or trapeze boots to protect your skin.

  • Intermediate level clearance in any aerial apparatus

  • Ability to invert unassisted from a seat

  • 3 consecutive pull ups

  • Straight arm and bent arm hold for 20 second

Meet your instructor!
Violet is a contemporary circus performer and instructor. Trained as a high level gymnast in childhood, and a competitive diver in college, she claims to be more comfortable on hands than feet. Violet teaches consent-based and body positive movement classes on static trapeze, hand balancing, and contortion to youth and adults. She is a member of the American Circus Educators (ACE) / American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) and is Director of Youth Circus Camp.