Acro Workshops

All workshops in this section are for adults (18+), please see "Youth Classes (ages 8-17)" for younger students. Please see the FAQ tab above for class and cancellation policies, as well as other frequently asked questions.

Whips (Swan Dive) with Veronica & Aaron

Sunday, March 25th - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
$30 per student

In this Partner Acro workshop, we are teaching the body shapes and mechanics that make “Whips” feel clean, safe, and successful! Whips are fast-moving acrobatic transitions that rely on momentum and mechanics. We will cover the Front Whip commonly known as Swan Dive (along with some possible variations). Proper spotting, progressions, and communication will be emphasized, since this acro skill moves quickly!

You do not need a partner to register (but honestly, bring ALL of your friends, we use inclusive teaching that serves all-level participants). Despite the name, Partner Acro is a team effort! We play in teams of base, flyer, and spotter, and you are welcome to participate at your own comfort level. Modifications and progressions keep everyone moving.

You need not be a gymnast, acrobat, or yogi to enjoy Acro. We take joy in the journey, not the destination. You will learn new skills, and build your community through trust and communication. We all grow together.

Please avoid heavy lotion, oils, and scents (natural or otherwise). We love you, we just might not want to smell like you all day. Clothing should be comfortable and form-fitting (no loose loops or pockets), and keep in mind that you might get turned upside down!

Prerequisites: Willingness to communicate, and commitment to maintaining a safe environment for everyone